The cloud storage revolution has begun

STOKIT is the most secure, fast & encrypted cloud storage to host files and websites.

Decentralized and efficient internet

There is a growing demand for more aspects of the modern internet to be decentralized. Though internet applications are built on top of protocols like TCP/IP and HTTP, a large portion of the internet stack remains centralized.

Much of the desire for more decentralized computing systems comes from concerns regarding mass surveillance over the web and security of the files on the cloud. At STOKIT we are helping shape a new, more secure, private and efficient internet.

“Governments that wish to repress the voices of citizens everywhere and have captured technologies like the Internet to silence dissidents and block outside media will find blockchain technology significantly more challenging.”

Don Tapscott

World’s leading authorities on technology and business

Cloud storage

Store your files on a decentralized cloud that's truly secure, encrypted, private and reliable.

Websites & apps

Our decentralized web and application hosting is much more secure than any other solutions.


If someone get access to your files, they cannot use them without the private key.


Decentralized cloud storage is on average 10x less expensive than current cloud storage providers.

Whitepaper Revision 1.06

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We are happy to release the latest STOKIT whitepaper.

Last update: 30th of November 2017

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Why we choose NEO ?

NEO’s smart contracts and DApps can be written and compiled in C# and Java. In the future, developers will also be able to write smart contracts in Python and Go. This will drastically reduce the entry barrier for all developers around the world.

Ethereum can only handle 15 transactions per second but NEO can handle +10,000 transactions per second. Cloud storage providers are booming right now and we needed a scalable base.

STOKIT Affiliate program

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STOKIT Roadmap

This is a preliminary roadmap and will be updated oftenly. Last update: 30th of November 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is STOKIT?

STOKIT is a decentralized cloud storage financed via an ICO. Our main goal is to create the internet of Our cloud storage will allow anyone to store digital data and run different web services.

When does the ICO start and end?

The pre-sale starts on the 5th of December 2017, 12:00.00 GMT. The public crowdsale starts on the 10th of December 2017 at 12:00.00 GMT. It ends on the 15th of December 2017, 12:00.00 GMT or when the hard cap is reached.

What is an ICO ?

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and is a way of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assetst. A digital asset, STOKIT token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for the said purpose. After the ICO process is done, the coins are traded on crypto-exchanges and market supply and demand decides on their fair pricing.

How do I participate in the ICO?

You need to submit an application via your STOKIT account. They will then receive an address to which to transfer funds from their cryptocurrency wallet. Click here to create an account.

Can I assure somehow my place at the ICO?

No. First come, first serve. You can subscribe to our mailing list to get notifications.

Can I participate in your ICO with fiat currency ?

No. Unfortunately, we can only accept contributions in NEO, ETH and BTC.

What currencies are accepted during the ICO?

During the ICO, cryptocurrencies accepted are are NEO (NEO), bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH).

The Team

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Jason Roy

Co-founder and Developer

Vincent Bédard

Co-founder and Developer

Pierre Lessard

Marketing and Public Relations

Alexandre Poirier


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